Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For some really strange reason...when I am sick, my mind gets extra productive and I can think well. Although, my husband would say it is because I have been gorging myself on books and research...letting it sit and then it comes out in good ways...maybe he is right.

Yesterday was a horrible day.

Today my brain is working and I did what I always do when Im in a rough spot and I need to regain my focus....I sat down and wrote through what I need to do to feel successful on any given is what I came up with...

-healthy meals prepared and eaten (Im pretty good with this now..but sometimes it is easy to slack and then I feel like I have failed my health and my children's health"
-schoolwork done thoroughly on a daily basis (we have gotten off track and are behind our yearly goals because this past year has not been so steady...the kids magically are where they would have been anyway...)
- a consistently clean house...(clutter drives me crazy and kicks my brain into being overwhelmed)
- my schoolwork done
- one activity for my self growth.

- get the house back to baseline clean...a place where I feel comfortable and it is easy to put back together...honestly most of the mess is because my kids have toys ALL over the living room.

- get the kids schooling planned out and put in the planner so every day is a no-brainer...I open book...we do the scheduled work...amazing.

-plan out and breakdown my schoolwork into small daily pieces...easy enough to do then.

- break down the books I am reading on Classical Education, grieving, and health into daily bits to read so that Im not trying to read all of them in one day.

- make a 2 week revolving meal plan and shopping list. We are entering Lent so every meal is vegan with a few involving shellfish. Having a list will eliminate much brain power.

So for the rest of this week, the kids will be reading some books to get caught up, I will be doing my schoolwork...we will work together to get the house back to baseline, Im going to find a housecleaner to do the deep cleaning once a week for us, I will get my schoolwork and their schoolwork broken down to daily bits, and get that menu and shopping list made up.
This will be good. :-)

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Karen said...

I like new resolve, too :)