Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chickens are weird

They really are.
They are also kind of...gross.
In fact, having chickens makes me not want to eat them, or eggs, because when you clean up an animal's poo it can make you not want to eat said animal.

That aside, they are quite fun and amusing. The other day Gwen left the back door open, and the chickens decided to march right in. I chased them out.

I finished out this quarter with a 3.0. Not bad considering I really didn't do ANYTHING with the course I was taking.

Eli started TKD last month, and he will be taking his first belt test next Tuesday. He is very excited.

Im thinking we need to do a family vacation in August...tossing around going to DC. The original plan was to go out west but I think a 19 hour car ride for our first major family road trip might be too ambitious. The kids want to see DC and being that it is only 7 hours away that seems doable.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday I had to take both my midterm and final for the Anthropology class Im taking. To be completely honest i have been slacking this quarter. The kids have had activities every single day for the past couple of months, and its been a bit tiring. I figured 3 nights of studying would make me proficient enough in 65 million years of prehistory, right?
Night one...Gwen would NOT go to all. For whatever reasons she was very needy.
Night two...massive thunderstorm....freaked out kids...8yo who read a book where the cat dies and who was very upset and took over an hour to settle down. Studying...not happening
Day/night three...decided that instead of memorizing textbook i will just read through all the chapter outlines and keywords and hope that my amazing memory would store it all up and I would know it all for the tests. No interruptions from kids..

Went to take the tests and realized they were both copies of the two pretests the instructor had posted up for everyone to take.

I passed booth with over 80% correct. I thought this would be my fall from the Dean's list, but it's not, and I will add in some extra credit assignments this weekend to bolster my grades a bit more.

I was considering taking the summer off..but i realized yesterday that I am addicted to school. i love it....even the frustrations. however I am dropping the philosophy class because that would be much better to take in a classroom...and i will stick with Classical Mythology because that will be a fun course.