Tuesday, February 23, 2010

staying busy

I have entered the rank of mom with kids who have a million activities. I have tried to keep our outside commitments reasonable..one or two each term...but I have discovered that I really enjoy being busy with a lot going on. So now our week holds:
Mondays-Fencing for 9yo and Cub Scouts
Wednesdays-gym class
Thursdays-Lego League or a field trip with a friend
Fridays-trying to keep one day free to stay at home
Saturdays-soccer for the 7yo.
My daughter still wants to do a ballet class so that will go in there too. What i am finding is that when I have something scheduled outside of the house, it is much easier for me to schedule or establish a routine for our days. I do not do well with lots of big empty spaces of time.

Also starting up this coming monday, I will be meeting another mom at a gym at 5:30 am three mornings each week. If I don't do it first thing, exercise will continue to be overlooked, and if I have an appointment to meet someone and know they will make the sacrifice needed to get there at 5:30, I surely will myself.

This morning we met up with a home school group for a field trip at a working farm that is also an ecological center and nature preserve. It was mainly about maple sugaring..and we all had a great time. The trails through the sugar bush were icy, and there were cliffs, but the kids are like little mountain goats..unlike the adults. :-) This place also has workshops about everything I have meant to do since moving to my little farm...so I think I might begin going to those...they also have family farm chores where the whole family can volunteer and work together..looking into that too. In the summer they offer summer day camp with all sorts of activities for eco-conscious kids..I think we will do that as well. Can you tell I really like this place?

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