Saturday, January 26, 2008

First things first

The name of our homeschool is St. Philothea Academy. No, it isn't widely broadcasted, because we don't HAVE to have a name. Why is it St. Philothea? Simple...St. Philothea has a special place in our family. We were welcomed into the Orthodox Church on the feast day of St. Philothea almost 3 years ago. That day is one of the most important, special days for our family.

Who IS St. Philothea anyway?

Saint Philothei was born in Athens in 1522 to an illustrious family. Against her will, she was married to a man who proved to be most cruel. When he died three years later, the Saint took up the monastic life and established a convent, in which she became a true mother to her disciples. Many women enslaved and abused by the Moslem Turks also ran to her for refuge. Because of this, the Turkish rulers became enraged and came to her convent, dragged her by force out of the church, and beat her cruelly. After a few days, she reposed, giving thanks to God for all things. This came to pass in the year 1589. She was renowned for her almsgiving, and with Saints Hierotheus and Dionysius the Areopagite is considered a patron of the city of Athens.