Monday, March 29, 2010

Chick photos

Tiger at 10 days old

Sweetie at 10 days old

Butterscotch at 10 days old

Fairy at 10 days old
Bob #2 at 20 days old

Bob #1 at 20 days old and Crispy at 10 days old.

They grow fast! They are also messy, and I am excited for them to move out of my house.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haven't had much to say...

Chickens are growing...will post up their week 1 photos soon...
I finished my first quarter in school and am rather proud that I received a 4.0. This quarter I am taking just one course, pre-civilization anthropology.
With regards to grieving, i have firmly hit a patch of being quite angry. Not so much that she died, but about how shitty our relationship was and that it was never more than probably could've been so much better...but it wasnt. I'm just letting myself move through the feelings and thoughts and it is getting easier....
Gardening and turning our place into a little farm has been very soothing to my soul. I have wanted this since I was a child and would check out farming books and sketch out how my farm would be laid out...I made lists of each breed of animal I would have and what I would grow. It is finally becoming a reality and it is amazing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I did something today that I have wanted to do for the past couple of years.

It was completely on a whim....the only way this ever would have managed to happen. A couple years ago a friend of mine told me I just needed to jump in and plan it out the opportunity presented itself, and I jumped in.

I have 7 noisy chicks living in a dog crate in my house for a few weeks. The kids are beyond themselves with excitement and Im pretty excited too! After getting them I realized that our potting shed would be a perfect chicken run..already chicken wired on 2 sides, has a solid roof...enough room for a coop, and has a door. I just need to wire the one side...and thanks to a gift from my mom a couple years back...I already have chicken wire.
This should be interesting.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


One class is finished.
The other...just need to make a final draft of an essay on the benefits of school gardens, and then get ready for debate about GMO's for tomorrow.
Spring is officially here.
Workouts are going well, and I am amazed how quickly my body is responding to weight training. Also surprised at how much I look forward to the workouts, and how much better I feel when they are over.
Im tired though.
I think during the break between quarters I am going to do my Spring Cleaning and finish painting my living room and hallway.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


need to change topic on my final paper...but cant think of anything else to write it on. It is about farming..really not feeling it
Feeling so lackluster.
Had a new haircut though...with a new stylist, felt like I was cheating on my regular girl with tattoos and facial piercings...but this girl..who was very normal did a good job....I like my hair.
getting up to workout at 4:40 in the morning....legs are tomorrow.
getting worn down by the quotidian routine....but trying to embrace it mentally...and failing....
uninspired with cooking....
back to loving she wants revenge after a lengthy hiatus.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A date

Yesterday we finally took our anniversary date. Kids went to their grandparent's house and we had a few hours to ourselves.
I am the planner of our dates, for various reasons. He tried before, but we wound up driving around for 2 hours while he figured out what we should do..(a key to a long happy marriage is to avoid silly things that can cause the arguments for other things and adjust in order to avoid arguments..that are over silly fruitless things)
For yesterday I figured we should eat at a new place, something fun, and as always eating with my hands is a bonus. We went to a fondue restaurant. It was interesting, and not sure when we will do it again, but it was a nearly two hour long and leisurely meal...something that is a rarity around here.
Afterward, we went to the Cleveland Museum of Art. A new exhibit opened on Native American art, and it was community and family it was insanely crowded. Once we got past all the people it was enjoyable. We walked around, eavesdropped on serious art people (which for some reason cracks us up)
From there we went to get coffee, and then the kids.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I had to take a personality test for a class...and what is interesting is that a year or so ago when I took one I tested polar opposite. I know that internet Meyer Briggs tests are clearly the paragon of accuracy...but this result makes sense..last time the description sounded like a human Golden Retriever.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


My workout partner wants us to swim one morning a week.
Today I went shopping for a suit. I have a suit, but it is a halter style, and I can totally imagine there being a problem while swimming due to the V-neck.
*I have issues with swimming...I do it ok, and generally do enjoy it..but it isn't always a good match for me. We used to vacation at the Jersey shore in the summer, and more than once I was caught in the undertow, and washed up onto the beach with a swimsuit that managed to escape down to my ankles. Seriously..when you are 15/16 and this happens and there are several men standing on the beach waiting to is scarringly embarrassing. Obviously that wont happen in a pool...but I always have to check that my suit won't leave my body.

I took the kids to a few stores, and only found suits that were for style rather than function. Eventually I did manage to find a suit that fit what I was searching for and realized why I usually get tankinis....aside from not wanting to feel like Im wearing underwear in public...I also have a challenging shape for buying clothing and if something fits my hips, it wont fit my waist or my chest, and vice a one piece presents a challenge...but I made it work out.

Also learned...dont take a 6yo girl with you to try on suits...or maybe do, if you are a glutton for punishment...because they will point out things that have never occured to you. O_o In my case it was a little extra kick in the motivation department...and I am now looking forward to swimming while it is still dark out in the morning..

Monday, March 1, 2010

14 years

It's crazy.
I cant believe I have been married (as of tomorrow) for 14 years...nor that I am old enough to have been married that long. ;-)

I like to think back to how and when my husband and I was the last month or so of our high school Sr. year...he was a transfer student.
The first time we ran in to each other it was quite literal...I was leaning against his locker, he pushed me out of his way..I saw a tall skinny guy with huge boots, tight pants, and flannel shirt with long hair that hung in his face...and nearly punched him. My friend dragged me off.

The second time...I was in the student lounge writing. He came in with another student to work on a class assignment...we looked up, caught each others eyes, and I felt a lightning bolt . I walked off and told my friend Ken that there was something special about that guy...he reminded me I had a boyfriend.

He started skipping classes during my free time to talk to me. One day in the smoking hallway, after I had quit smoking the day before, and restarted...he told me he lost all respect for me that he could ever hope to have....this piqued my interest further.
Every day we would talk...and then the day before graduation he tore out a page from Catcher in the Rye, wrote his number on it and told me if I ever wanted to talk call him.

Two weeks later I did. We spoke on the phone for up to 12 hours a day, every day for two weeks...then he said he had to see me. He picked me up at midnight, blasting Slayer. We stayed out till 5am. During a phone call he told me I was so feline I repulsed him...which again, so some bizarre reason ratcheted up my interest in this guy.

After the initial date we were inseperable, and spent all our free time some point while driving around he told me I was the sort of woman he wanted to marry...I said ok..and a year and half later we were.

..and he also learned how to style his hair, and dress well. ;-) And I learned that a person can love me without condition.

Even after this many years, and kids, and his crazy job, we are mad about each other. We still talk each others ears off, never run out of things to say, are as opposite from each other as possible in so many ways, but are completely each others best when we are together we always have an absolute blast.