Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My 6yo came into his sister's room while I was getting her ready for bed. He told me that 5 X 5 is 25, and 4X5 is 20 and then rattled off a string of sums. I was asked to give him a harder problem, I said "ok..what is half of 50" He thought for a moment and said...there are 10 sets of 5 in 50 so half would be 5 sets of 5 or 25.
Then he left the room, went back to his room, where he filled paper after paper up with multiplication problems.

Admittedly, I was impressed, I didn't think he was at that point yet. He knew his multiplication facts for many different numbers, and it was learned entirely on his own. Also..it occurred to me that his way of doing math was WAY easier than however it was I was taught. Math was always a huge struggle for me.

Odd side note...I think my cat is more of a guard animal than my dogs. I heard him growling so I went by him. He was looking out the window. I figured he was seeing a visiting cat or raccoon. It took me a few minutes and then I realized there were 3 deer in our side yard. He was growling at deer. Created a funny image of cat chasing them off and attacking like a mini tiger.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I found this quote thanks to Bishop Savas http://savaonarolla.blogspot.com
Erin (http://www.theolivetreecommunity.blogspot.com/) and her kids came over yesterday..we had a fun time with them, and it was the first time we ever met! Anyway, we both talked about a tendency to overthink, and get overwhelmed with too much info, and thought this quote will be nice to keep to remind to NOT do that.

"If you keep thinking about what you want to do or what you hope will happen, you won't do it, and it won't happen." (Erasmus)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh..Happy day!!

I moved to Columbus nearly 2 years ago, and have had a VERY hard time finding a stylist that I love. I had a couple mediocre haircuts, and one horrifically awful one.
The awful one was done by a man....a man with an ego about his splendiforous haircutting skills the size of...I dont know..was going to compare it with a continent...but sounded weird. He had a big ego. He was also very weird....and halfway though the cut I realized he was DRUNK. He was a large, drunk, German man who said very inappropriate things. Being overly curious I sat there and let him finish...he was such a trainwreck and it was so bizarre, I just couldnt leave midway. I wound up with a haircut that was best described as a combo of a cast member from that old show Designing Women...and Ziggy Stardust. I did what any self respecting woman would do...I cried. I cried for 3 days, and almost got extensions.

After that I have been scared to get my hair cut....so I let it grow, realize it looks bad, and ask a random woman whose hair I like where she gets it done. I got one cut that was ok that way...and then the other time I went to the poshest salon around here, and was not impressed.

I decided I was going to go to a salon that advertised itself as being a snob free zone...and sounded promising...and is in the fun part of town known as the Short North.
I got there, and met my stylist who had tattoos and facial piercings, and who liked my purple/pink hair color a lot. She also thought that I am in my mid 20's.. (she got a few extra bonus points)
Anyway...she gave me such a fabulous cut...I dont think I will ever leave her for another stylist. :-)
A couple of photos...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A near perfect day

Today I had one of those days you just don't want to end. The weather was amazing...sunny...in the 70s and windy. Hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago it was 8 degrees. I was outside quite a bit, of course. :-)
Our lilac trees are beginning to bud, and the dandelions are pushing up. I cannot wait for the flowers! A/H has always laughed at me and my enthusiasm for spring. The moment I notice the trees budding I point them out non-stop, and I get giddy. Yesterday at the library I noticed some green poking out of the ground, stopped, and said "LOOK!!! something is GROWING!" A/H moved me along.
I had the windows open all day and aired out the house. I dont know if there is an equal to the first day you can do that after a long long winter in a shut up house. I got caught up on some cleaning and chores around the house, and realized that nice weather makes me want to have a super clean, organized house.
Gwen and I made guacamole, and it was seriously the best I ever had! I found this cookbook called Vegan Fusion, and the recipes are just amazing! http://www.veganfusion.com/index_new.php
For dinner I made wraps with the guacamole, rice, pinto beans, and tons of veggies....for once the kids didnt act like I was poisoning them! Poor things had to suffer through a paella, and then a rice polenta casserole...the polenta was cooked with coconut milk, and had sundried tomatoes and basil and herbs in it, and both things were great...and even though they liked it when they actually tasted it, they still acted like they were being poisoned. Silly people.
Since it was so nice out today, the kids played outdoors most of the day.
this evening, I was loving the light so I got some photos.For some reason Add likes to ride his sisters bike, he thinks it goes faster than his own.

Just because she is so darn pretty!
Gwen was sitting in an apple tree today staring up at the moon...she said "I think if you had a ladder tall enough it might be possible to climb up to the moon."