Friday, February 26, 2010


Joined the gym today, and trying to wrap my mind around getting up at 5am to meet friend at 5:30 three days a will be good though, and Im pretty sure it wont kill me.

In an effort to rid chemicals being used on my body I have abandoned body lotion in favor of using sesame oil. I added a blend of essential oils that I really like, to make the oil slightly scented. This also makes my husband happy...he likes perfume, but I hate perfume...too many make me feel sick, however essential oils typically I can smell nice and not want to puke.

I was trying to bring to mind wise words my mom may have taught me over the years. The ONLY thing I could remember was "Men like to eat at the same restaurant, but they don't always like the same thing on the menu" Um...thanks, mom.

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Erin said...

I have just started doing yoga and lifting again after slowly forcing myself out of this winter slump. I have also been trying to use more natural bath products as well. I love almond oil. :) And your mom is right! Lol.