Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Learning differences

During school time today I realized just HOW different my 7yo boy and 9yo boy are with the way they learn. While we did math and I was explaining new concepts, my 7yo grabbed a sheet of paper and started taking notes. He has never been told about taking notes, just started to do it. He concentrated on his work and finished quickly without error on each topic.

The 9yo kept forgetting things like the order of the days of the week, but told me from memory the myth of Isis and Osiris as well as how the position of Pharoah became established in Egypt. His knowledge covered way more than the text I was reading to them did. He also is easily distracted and will begin to do things like sing or drum or make weird noises. I couldn't help but think of a story about my husband from when he was in 4th grade. He was so bored in class and felt ignored so he stood up and began to crow like a rooster.

Today my 9yo and 5 yo start choir...my 7yo told me he does not want to sing, so he isn't doing it. Tomorrow they have gym class in the morning and then we are going to a large sports complex to meet up with a homeschool group we are a part of so the kids can play...well..sports. Im anticipating thoroughly tired out kids afterward.

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Amy said...

It's funny how different siblings can be, isn't it?

I would love it if one of my kids would take notes. I"m starting to wonder if it will ever happen.