Sunday, November 28, 2010


A favorite pastime of mine is watching my kids play without them knowing. I love listening to their stories, their ideas, when they play by themselves and have this whole narration and sound effect thing going on. Their play is full of excitement and adventure.

While watching and listening to them, my mind drifted and I thought of a trip I took with my dad, my best friend and her family. We all drove to Niagara Falls. Our hotel room had two beds and my friend and me and her little brother just HAD to jump from bed to bed, over and over again. Blankets slid off, pillows hit the ground, we sometimes missed and hit the floor, or slid with the blankets onto the floor. We never noticed the sharp corners on the nightstands, or the on the headboards. It never occurred to us that bones could break, or we could potentially misjudge our landing, and go right out the sliding glass balcony door and die.(we were several stories up) All we noticed was the exhilaration of making a huge leap and landing it. We bounced high, we jumped hard, and it was all an exercise in making the feeling of freedom and exhilaration last as long as we could - which would be until a parent came back into the room.

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