Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Being Thankful

I came across a link on a website to my blog that was for this post
(Firstly I am amazed that people remember my blog exists, and further amazed at remembering specific posts. Hermana Linda, you brightened my day!)

Since there was a link I went to read the post and the comments, taking particular note of the discussion on what to call Thursdays and the idea of thankfulness. I, obviously, have fallen off track in blogging according to the days of the week with their subjects. To rectify my lack of gratitude, I am writing this post.

1)That the sun never fails to rise or set
2)it might be predominately grey, brown and pale yellow outside-but there are cardinals and blue jays that add a splash of unexpected color.
3)having a family
7)my siblings
8)Christmas Ale by Great Lakes Brewery
9)morning light
10)coyotes howling in the middle of the night
11)health insurance
12)health in my children, husband and myself
13)hair that stays healthy no matter what chemicals I toss on it (although not one to take hair health for granted I am done dying, hair is back to my natural dark brown)
14)having the opportunity to be a full time student, able to help my husband at work, and much time with my children
16)that I made it through Thanksgiving
17)my brother is pursuing his dreams no matter the risk
18) a great library system
19)yearly vacations paid in full by the company my husband works for that never fall short of luxurious
20)Ancient Greek and Roman history because it fascinates me to an absurd degree