Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a 6 yr old is thankful for.

The other day I had Parent-Teacher conferences. My 6yr old's teacher showed me the Things I am Thankful for book she is writing.
The first page said, "I am thankful for my mom because she is nice and she loves me"
The second page confused both the teacher and I, as her spelling is still a little inventive. There was a picture of a man, a pile of small circles, and then a picture of a small girl. It said she was thankful for her dad, but we couldn't decipher why, until I realized the pile of circles was a pile of coins.
Now it made sense.
"I am thankful for my dad because he keeps us from being poor"

We had to laugh, it was so cute, and so practical..and so unexpected.

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MidnightCafe said...

So cute! And, you're right, so practical! It's amazing the things you find out your kids are thinking about! :)