Friday, May 8, 2009

The Muses and Barbie

The other evening Add came to me and said "Hey Mom...I just realized that Barbie the Diamond Castle is a weird adaptation of the 9 Muses in Greek Mythology." That led to a nice conversation about why it is important to study ancient history and myths, because often there are references in daily life. He did say that he doesn't so much like Egypt Mythology because it creeps him out a bit.

Right now he is up in bed surrounded by Mary Pope Osbourne's Tales From the Odyssey series..he is really enjoying it.

I am waiting for Mr C to get home. He had meetings in Cleveland today. While there he stopped in at our favorite music store and found a DVD about the Dead Kennedy's for me. We are going to watch that tonight along with Synecdoche New York.

Our grass is getting pretty's can see it in the pictures I posted below. I called the mowing guy...he answered the phone not with a hello but with "Ya'll need your lawn done?" He has SUCH a gravelly voice and thick southern accent that I can hardly understand him. But he will mow the lawn tomorrow, and for that I am truly grateful.


Erin said...

It's awesome he made that connection.. I am really excited about studying Greek Mythology with the boys!


J's mom called today to ask of she should mow our grass at our old house. I don't even want to know how tall it is.. poor sad neglected home.


Ron said...

my first thought was "T.V. Party Tonight!"

but now im thinkin that actually wasnt the DK's.....

Alana said...

Awww...Erin...that is so nice your mil is willing to do that though! It is fun studying Mythology with the kids..Ive always enjoyed it, and it is even better when sharing it with people who have never heard the stories.

It is slightly sick how much DK's music provides a soundtrack in my head. When I see a pick up truck with big wheels-I get Night of the Living Rednecks, idealistic 20 somethings cue up Holiday in Cambodia, The Dear Abby column brings up, what else, Dear Abby. :-) I think listening to Jello's spoken word during my adolescence gave me a love of conspiracy theories. LOL!

Ron said...

so i had to look it up and Tv Party was Black Flag....high school days cruising around so-cal in our tricked out bugs........i think im a little older than you so im wondering if you were listening in '83-'84 like i was