Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My nearly 9yo..Add went to the playground the other day with Mr. C (and of course eli and gwen) I stayed home and took a nap. During dinner Add was telling me about the not so nice kids he met there.
Add: "I was playing with a boy, and he asked me where I went to school. I told him I was home schooled and he said HOMESCHOOLERS SUCK!!!"

Me: "What did you say to that"

Add: "No we don't"

"Then what did he say?"

Add: "nothing..."

He kept talking and told me he really likes to be homeschooled and does not understand why that boy would be so rude to say that to him. We discussed that further and gave him some other things to say if that happens again..and "no we don't" doesn't suffice. He also informed me that the "F" and "B" word were written inside the slide...I didnt know he knew what those words were. Funny how even when you are with your kids nearly all the time, they still grow up right under your nose without realizing it.

Tomorrow I will be taking the 2nd step on this thing that I am doing...and to be quite frank..Im kind of...well....terrified is what comes to mind. But it isn't like Im going sky diving or anything...and there is little threat of bodily injury or death...so it's all good. :-)


Amy said...

You will do wonderfully!!

MidnightCafe said...

I love it that you titled this "Socialization." :)

•¦Amy¦• said...

I've been homeschooled. It was nevr easy getting the other kids to understand that yes I did like it haha.