Friday, May 22, 2009


I took the kids to the zoo this afternoon. After snuggling with some goats in the petting zoo I took the kids to play on the playground.

Kids ran off to play, I sat down on a bench to watch. A girl who looked to be about 8 sat and stared at me.
She said "How did your hair turn red" (it's a light shade of pink right now, with lots of yellow, probably even time to dye it again..I just get fascinated by watching how oddly it fades)
"I dyed it"
"Oh...." and she ran off.
Then she came back.
"So...your died??"
"No..I used something like paint for hair that made it this color"
"Oh. Can you take your glasses off so I can see your face?"
I took off my sunglasses...she scanned my face and stared at me for a bit...gave me a big grin and ran off to play.

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Ron said...

i live for a kids honest view of the world