Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forced simplification

I felt a strong need this quarter to focus on home things, so I am only taking one class that is web based.
Back in October my husband was in an accident and totaled his car, leaving us as a one car family. Initially, the thought of having one car when we live 15 minutes from anything was a bit daunting, but as time has gone on it has been a blessing. My husband is in sales and uses the car for appointments, but on Mondays and Thursdays he is in the office for 13 hours so I take the car. Coincidentally my son has tae kwon do on those days, and after we go to the library till it is time to pick up my husband from the office. This has worked out nicely. Having a car available to me twice a week means that I have some days where I am literally stuck at home.

I still find it strange some days that I am home without the kids, because they are in school. What has developed though is all this space for thinking, cleaning, organizing, baking, cooking and it has been wonderful.

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