Tuesday, January 18, 2011

80's TV

While at the library last week I found the complete series of Punky Brewster on DVD. Naturally, I checked out a few of them. (our library gets series, but if they have 4 discs they are put into separate cases...which means checking out several at a time) I forgot how preachy the show was and that it tries to address major life issues for kids.

On one episode a man was imitating Bill Cosby and my kids had no ability to connect that to anything because they didn't know who Bill Cosby is. So....I checked out the Cosby Show and we have been watching that too. The Cosby Show is decidedly far more hilarious as a parent.

Gwen was watching Punky Brewster this evening and she yelled to me "Mom! What are BOOBS? Because Punky said she is getting BOOBS and I don't know what they are?" I explained it to her. Addison was sitting on the couch and was embarrassed by the conversation and asked if I could skip the episode, but Gwen wanted to find out how Henry took Punky bra shopping.
Addison by this point was hiding his head under a pillow.

(typed while all 3 kids are talking to me, I have no idea if this makes any sense whatsoever)

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Hermana Linda said...

Heh! My son loves the Cosby Show and watched them all on YouTube.