Tuesday, August 10, 2010


the chickens are laying...some days we get one egg, some days we get 4. It is nice to have beautiful fresh eggs on hand. Although, it bothers me that they are fertile. The other day I learned that I need to crack them into a separate bowl when preparing them...as one had a tiny chicken embryo in it. It was maybe 1/4 long...but it disturbed me. My daughter had her friend spend the night last week, and the little girl wanted to collect eggs with us. There was one freshly laid egg in a nesting box. The girl picked it up and yelled "Im holding something that JUST came out of a chicken's butt!!!!" She was amazed, excited, and grossed out all at the same time.


Haddock said...

Oh yes the excitement of it.
And its warm too if you immediately pick it up.

Amy said...

Alana, as long as you collect your eggs daily and then refrigerate them you there shouldn't be enough time for an embryo to develop. It's just because it has been so hot- it has been hot enough for eggs to incubate on their own without being sat on (a consistent upper 90's in the nest box), so if they are in the nest for longer than a day than an embryo CAN start to develop. When it cools down a bit in the coop you won't have to worry about it.