Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dean's list

I received a letter the other day informing me that I made it on the Dean's list last quarter. A little triumph but it is a wonderful feeling.

I was in NYC last week, and it was.....exhausting? Don't get me wrong, I had fun, perhaps too much fun..staying up till 3:30 in the morning, waking up at 7 just because I didn't want to miss anything. Every year the company my husband works for sends it's people on a convention...and that is why we were there. We count it as our yearly "break" the time we get to just be us, and not have any responsibilities, although my husband networks a lot during it.
One night of the convention is an awards night where everyone gets dressed up, and the top people get awards. It is always an over the top night that while long, is quite memorable.
We didnt take our camera..this is the only dressed up picture I dress was long and plum, and my shoes were 5" high black patent say I was tall would be an understatement..I towered. But, it was good fun.

I just finished taking 2 exams so my brain is a bit weak at the moment...will write more later.


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Congrats! No-one who hasn't done it can truly know the work and diligence it takes to raise children and go to college...hats off to you