Thursday, April 15, 2010

School and food

This quarter I am taking an Anthropology course on pre civilization. It's going well...a mix of interesting and not so interesting. I have also learned the challenge of doing a class like this with kids. After each chapter there is a multiple choice quiz and a true or false quiz. A question was "Did early humans look like apes with large brains" Gwen was talking to me, I was distracted, and clicked True. Now Im just is the only question on any test that I have gotten wrong. At least I had a good laugh over it.

Today is the third month since my mother died. It seems like it has been much longer. Two of my friends parents died last lost her father, the other her mother..and both to cancer. To say that my neurosis about the food we eat, the products we use on our bodies, cleaning solutions has tripled would be an understatement. Im at the point now where I wander around the grocery store and wonder what the hell this stuff is on the shelves? I saw some healthy choice foods...with meat...on a shelf..not frozen..and it looked like dog food.

We have formed a few rules...several inspired by Michael Pollan
- plants are the mainstay of our diet, lots of fruits and veggies
- we have to look at a food and be able to imagine where it came from and what form it was in before it went into the food
- dairy is whole fat, pastured, with no antibiotics or hormones administered, not homogenized, lightly pasteurized...and cheeses can be raw.
- no high fructose corn syrup
- meats are used occasionally but it must be pastured, with no antibiotics or hormones.

In an effort to cut costs I am baking our own bread again, mostly using the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook. because the only bread that meats our standards costs around $5 a loaf..and for me to bake it it is MUCH less.

I also find that when we eat this way, we all eat less because we are satisfied...instant money saver. :-)
In a few months we should be getting a lot out of our garden..I hope! and then our hens will be laying.

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