Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm tired

..............and that about sums it up.

Motherhood..can be....interesting.
Having three lively, headstrong, independent, free spirited not-so small anymore, people to raise is at once a blessing and an incredible challenge.
Every day though, I am amazed by how they learn and grow in leaps and bounds.
Just a few more years and I will be at the midpoint of this journey, when Gwen turns 9...it will be halfway over
That makes me quite sad. So many things to accomplish with them, to show them, to teach them, books to read that are so magical before a certain age.
I know that even if I had all the time in the world I would never be able to do it all...but I can do as much as I can.
I need to slow down again, and live life at a slower pace...enjoy them more...try to stay in the moment and not keep leaping hours and days ahead in my mind...just...slow down...enjoy them as people...breathe again.....


Erin said...

Sometimes I forget to slow down as well and often miss what's right in front of my eyes. You can't get those moments back again... blink and they're gone. Thank you for the reminder. :)Love the tiger costume!

Karen said...

I think about this a lot more than ever. For me, it's just a few more years of this precious sweetness. There's a paradox to this: I feel I'll miss it more because I live it so intently, you know? :)

mimi said...


So many thought, but I'll leave it at ditto. I'm tired too;)