Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm brilliant

and Im not saying it my usual sarcastic way...I really impressed myself this time. :-)

In an attempt to make things easier, I decided to write down the kid's assignments for the week in a planner. Normally I keep them in my head, which is full of holes lately, and it hasn't worked well.

A question my kids like to ask when we are doing school work is "How much loooonnnnnnnnngeeeerrrrrrr?" (yes..just like that) In an effort to keep my aggravation levels down..I decided it would be in EVERYONE'S best interest if I make the kids a print out every day of what their assignments are.

It is almost too good to be true.
My 9yo looks at this list, and after I teach math, he goes through and works through his materials, coming to me if he needs more information or he is stuck, or to show me he is done and so I can check his work.
My 8yo likes to draw photos of a man named Bob on his list...Bob also burps a lot...
but he too..likes to see what he needs to accomplish in a day and takes great (ahem) pleasure at crossing everything off.

Another great benefit...since Im using the computer to make their lists, I am able to keep their assignments organized and not really lose-able (yes, they are even backed up on an external hard drive!) Next, I need to get a scanner so I can scan in their actual work.
Simple, not time consuming, and aggravation level lowering...Im quite proud of myself.


Karen said...

Nice job, Momma. It ain't easy to come up with new ideas!! So great when implementation works :)

Shelly said...

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