Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have a problem....

Im addicted to hair dye.

For a couple of months I was happily wearing hair that was dark brown...but then I started to feel boring and drab. At the kids gym class a woman that I know brought her daughter whose hair is the most brilliantly gorgeous peacock blue. The woman who was sitting next to me said "You are missing that arent you" I looked at her and said "YES!" I asked the kids what they thought about going back to pink..they said they wish I would because it is too hard to find me in a crowd anymore. I texted my husband..he responded with "PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

Obviously, my hair is a family affair. is back to a pinkish red. And I feel a world better.


Ron said...

sometimes you are what you use fighting it ;)

mimi said...

Awww, I LOVE that they want their pink hot mama back! That goes for the hubby too. You wear it well!