Thursday, March 4, 2010


My workout partner wants us to swim one morning a week.
Today I went shopping for a suit. I have a suit, but it is a halter style, and I can totally imagine there being a problem while swimming due to the V-neck.
*I have issues with swimming...I do it ok, and generally do enjoy it..but it isn't always a good match for me. We used to vacation at the Jersey shore in the summer, and more than once I was caught in the undertow, and washed up onto the beach with a swimsuit that managed to escape down to my ankles. Seriously..when you are 15/16 and this happens and there are several men standing on the beach waiting to is scarringly embarrassing. Obviously that wont happen in a pool...but I always have to check that my suit won't leave my body.

I took the kids to a few stores, and only found suits that were for style rather than function. Eventually I did manage to find a suit that fit what I was searching for and realized why I usually get tankinis....aside from not wanting to feel like Im wearing underwear in public...I also have a challenging shape for buying clothing and if something fits my hips, it wont fit my waist or my chest, and vice a one piece presents a challenge...but I made it work out.

Also learned...dont take a 6yo girl with you to try on suits...or maybe do, if you are a glutton for punishment...because they will point out things that have never occured to you. O_o In my case it was a little extra kick in the motivation department...and I am now looking forward to swimming while it is still dark out in the morning..

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The Fongintator! said...

Somehow I understood the majority of your style related comments/terminology.

It's good that you work out. A strong mind lives in a strong body.