Monday, March 8, 2010

A date

Yesterday we finally took our anniversary date. Kids went to their grandparent's house and we had a few hours to ourselves.
I am the planner of our dates, for various reasons. He tried before, but we wound up driving around for 2 hours while he figured out what we should do..(a key to a long happy marriage is to avoid silly things that can cause the arguments for other things and adjust in order to avoid arguments..that are over silly fruitless things)
For yesterday I figured we should eat at a new place, something fun, and as always eating with my hands is a bonus. We went to a fondue restaurant. It was interesting, and not sure when we will do it again, but it was a nearly two hour long and leisurely meal...something that is a rarity around here.
Afterward, we went to the Cleveland Museum of Art. A new exhibit opened on Native American art, and it was community and family it was insanely crowded. Once we got past all the people it was enjoyable. We walked around, eavesdropped on serious art people (which for some reason cracks us up)
From there we went to get coffee, and then the kids.

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Erin said...

I am happy you had a chance to spend some leisurely alone time together. :)