Monday, March 29, 2010

Chick photos

Tiger at 10 days old

Sweetie at 10 days old

Butterscotch at 10 days old

Fairy at 10 days old
Bob #2 at 20 days old

Bob #1 at 20 days old and Crispy at 10 days old.

They grow fast! They are also messy, and I am excited for them to move out of my house.


Karen said...

OMG! CUTE! I wish I could write cute even bigger.

Ron said...

thereʻs 2 Bobʻs?

Alana said...

Yes...Bob 1 and Bob 2. They are both hens...but we like the name Bob. We refer to them as "The Bobs" and when they lay eggs they will be blue or green. :-) It also makes me thing of THe Bobs in the movie Office Space. The kids named them though.