Thursday, January 7, 2010


It began on Monday.
On Wednesday I actually bought my textbooks....and took my monumentally bad student i.d. photo.
This quarter Im just taking the Freshman Seminar, which Im finding slightly annoying and redundant. Im also taking English 111...which I tested into when I took my placement exams a few months back. It is also slightly redundant...HOWEVER..Im looking at it from the viewpoint of "this will be a good way for me to acclimate to college, and feel a sense of success right off the bat"

I am finding a lot of enjoyment in having this to do, Ive completed a few assignments, gotten started on my first essay, and gotten over the shock that my textbook has comix in it. My husband joked around with me that Im a bit of a literary snob...but it is true.

The most difficult part? I really don't like working with others, and I thought I would escape that by doing my classes off campus, but evidently I still have to do that. I will get over it though. It just came to mind that some people have a criticism of home schooling that goes along that same train of thought....that if they dont go to a class they wont learn how to work with others, and collaborate on projects, etc, etc, etc. I went to school and never liked working in groups. Never. Not Once. My kids, when they are given a group situation seem to do fine. Maybe because they are used to working with their sibs and family members? who knows.

Thursday is supposed to be the day I write about school and then the things I am thankful for because I quite often need that reminder lately.

1) I made it home in one piece last usual drive from Cleveland is 2 hours, it took 3 hours last night due to freezing rain, bad roads, and my windshield that kept freezing over.

2) for a husband that anticipated my down mood and rented a funny movie for us to watch together

3) that my mom is out of the hospital and staying with my sister.

4) my sister who is generous and loving enough to take care of our mother

5) that my mother is coming to terms with her own mortality and able to discuss dying freely with me, along with her feelings, and what she wants us to do after she passes.

6) for 3 amazing, wonderful, brilliant children who never fail to brighten my day.

7) that my dog is out of heat and can now be spayed

8) that my husband qualified for his yearly business convention and in May I will be in NYC..

9) I love my house

10) for kefir...I am completely addicted to kefir.


Hermana Linda said...

Sounds great! My son also tested into Math and English classes which were a bit too easy, but helped set him up for success. I also had him start off really slowly (only one core class and one PE class) since he had never been to school. I am glad to report that it worked well. I'm glad you are doing the same thing. I am also thankful to read that your mother is out of the hospital. PTL

Alana said...

I tested into the highest they let a student go into who hasn't attended Im just going to enjoy it and get refreshed on the basics. Math, Im totally going for the lower class...LOL!

thank you for your encouragement, and for keeping my mom in your prayers.

Ron said...

thatʻs a lot to be thankful for :)

thank you for the always interesting, often honest, humane moments that you share with us.