Thursday, January 21, 2010


And back to the regularly scheduled program....

This week I have to finish my final draft of the first essay i have written in over 15 years. Ive been waiting on the rough draft to be sent back so I will know what I need to tweak...I have a good idea but want to see what my instructor suggests. She said they would be back on Wednesday...yet this morning...still not back.

I wanted to finish early this week so because I dont have so much time to spend on it.

I checked my email, and she had a death in her family and will have everything back by Sunday with a new due date of next Thursday.

So..that worked out. Sorry she had a death....but quite happy about new due date.

On to the thankful bit...
My kids are very in touch with their feelings, and I love that. Gwen was unusually wound up today and very out of sorts. I asked her what was going on and she said "mama Im so sad about Grandma dying and I miss her so badly that my body feels out of control....because Im so sad"

I love that she can express herself like that at 5...I struggle with it at older age. :-D

Also happy that, apparently, any grammar rules fly out the window when it comes to the internet. heh. .....and I can use lots.....of dots.....

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