Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've given us permission to take things easy this week with schooling. Today the kids watched educational programming on PBS...the only channel we really get on the TV...built houses out of Legos that had "green technology" R2D2 was relegated to carrying around a coffee service tray that had a variety of coffee drinks. There was a large ship that could dock and ran on solar battery which worked because they were in space and there were plenty of solar rays at their location.
Yoda's house even had a working light that my 7yo managed to put together with the legos in his tiny house...he also had a rooftop garden because gardening space was at a premium and it is important to grow a garden where ever possible. (that was how it was all explained to me..along with several lectures on nano technology and how that will help in cutting down emissions in some way)

We also read several chapters of Farmer Boy and the boys were a bit mad that I don't make feasts like Almanzo's mother at every meal. LOL!

As for me...I took a long nap today. It was a hard day for some reason, and I was so tired.

Tomorrow it is mom and gwen day...we are going to the salon together to get our hair cut, out to lunch and to buy her a toy. This is the first Wednesday that I wont be driving up to Cleveland and seeing my mom in a year and a half...I went up last week to make a photo collage with my sister of mom's life..but still. Im glad tomorrow will be full of fun things to do with Gwen and in the evening I have the first meeting of a new book club...I need to finish the book tonight..it is Adventures of a Female Nomad. Should be an enjoyable evening...coffee...good conversation.

LAst night I had a really weird dream that I was homebirthing. In the dream there were so many people in my house, and I kept trying to hide and felt furtive... like an animal slinking around. I had a sun bear, tiger and wolf following me around...and my failed garden from last year revived but plants I never planted grew on top of other plants...there was a huge crop of Cherokee Purple tomatoes from a plant that I planted but never grew. I just kept running and hiding, and navigating through a crowd of people that were in my house that was not my house but also a nursing home and antique store.


Amy said...

Enjoy your Wednesday. I hope that Wednesdays will always be sweet memories for you.

I seriously don't know what to say about that dream! Wow.

mimi said...

I say...give yourself permission to take school easy for as long as necessary.
I hope that you had a lovely Wednesday.