Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dogs I have loved...and still love...and one who broke my heart.


Ash said...

They're all so beautiful. ((hug)) The weim in your pic is so dark and beautiful! I'll admit I'm curious about the story of the last pup..I can feel the sadness. :o(

Alana said...

Leia..the top one is our current pup...the 2nd is a photo i took of my niece's dog and gave as a gift to her..Bella is the Weim, she was a beautiful blue color.

Tristan was an English Shepherd puppy I got for our farm. I found a great breeder, and somehow managed to get the one defective dog she ever bred. :-( He was great with us but had a horrible fear of every other person even though I socialized the heck out of him as a pup. He went to live with a widower who raises cattle and lives on 80 acres...he is doing well there.