Saturday, January 2, 2010

An at home date

with life being as busy as it is, my husband and I don't get out on dates as often as we would like. To make up for that we have created the "at home date"..which is what we are doing tonight. We watch a movie, for tonight I was thinking Funny People because Jason Schwartzman is in it, and I have yet to see a movie starring him that I hated. in fact, my most favorite movies have him as an actor (Darjeeling Limited, Shopgirl, and i heart huckabees) We couldn't find it at the Redbox machine, so we will probably watch a couple more DVD's in the boxed set of Monty Python I bought a few days ago.

To go along with the movie we will have goat cheese with honey, rosemary foccacia, herbed crackers, and a bottle Beaujolais-Villages to go along with that.

Speaking of Jason Schwartzman, he also has a band. The songs on my playlist are all by them...the band is Coconut Records.

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