Monday, December 14, 2009


Today is the 11th anniversary of my father's death....and this year it has hit me harder than it has for several years. I think it is because my mother is declining so quickly.
The kids and I marked the day by having apple pie for dessert because it was my dad's favorite.

This evening I went outside to stand up the small Christmas trees on our porch because they blew over. Leia..the dog, went out with me as she usually does, but this time made a beeline for the road. My house is set back a good distance from the road...and there was no reason for her to do this...but she did it anyway. People go by at about 55mph, and quite often large trucks and farm machines go down our road. Sure enough, Leia got hit by a car. She rolled a few times, jumped up and ran as fast as she could back to me...and thankfully, she seems to be ok. It was horrible, and she was shaking for about an hour was I. Im sure tomorrow she will be pretty sore.

Today...was not my most favorite days in recent memories.


Rachel said...

Tomorrow will be has to be, right?

Hermana Linda said...

I hope she's ok. How scary. I'm sorry it was such a hard day for you. (((hugs and prayers)))

Melinda said...

Oh Alana, what an awful day. I hope she (and you) are better today.

mimi said...

I'm so sorry Alana. How is she today?? I hope you ...(and everyone in your home)....are having a better day.

Ron said...

hope she is ok