Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reasons why I'm crazy about my kids...

So often I read or hear things that moms write in a negative tone about their kids, and how hard it is to be a mom, etc, etc, etc.
Seriously, being a mom is not the easiest thing in the world, but why should it be? When we have children we are given charge and responsibility to raise future adults. There is only a short time in teach them things that are important, like compassion, persistence, getting along with others, and treating people well. At some point in the all too near future these small people will possibly be spouses, parents, productive adults, making some sort of impact on the world...good or bad.

I think it is important to enjoy the time we have with them, enjoy them for being THEM...not what we think they should be or how they" should be" to reflect well on us...or what they can achieve. Just enjoy that spark that makes each child a unique human being.

Here are some things that have happened in the past weekthat made me laugh, or just plain realize how incredible these little people are.

My kids woke up before me and decided to make breakfast for me. They made toasted Ezekiel bread with apple butter, a small bowl of applesauce and brought a glass of pomegranate kefir to me while I was still in bed.

Mad Libs
THe boys have discovered the joy of Mad Libs. My 9 yo asked me to do one with him, so I did. I asked him to name a body part. He replied "Villi" I said "Huh? Villi? What is that?" He stared at me as if he couldn't believe I said that, looked at his 7yo rolled his eyes and said "MOM! Villi are part of the digestive tract, they are in the intestines"

My 7yo was working on his own Mad Lip and said "Celebrity? What is a celebrity?" I told him someone who is famous. He said "AHA!!! John Cleese!!!" My heart melted.

Yesterday I bought a copy of Food INC. for Mr. C and I to watch. Addison saw it and asked if they could watch it, and I told him I would decide after I see it. We have been discussing the need to change our diet back to the way we used to eat...healthy. This year has been so stressful and our diet has incorporated far too much processed food and fast food. With my family having such a strong proclivity towards cancer, I realize none of us should be eating this way, so we are cleaning it all up.
I watched and decided it was fine for them to watch. Add was very taken with it and horrified that corporations can treat people like they do. It really bothered him that A) the animals are kept in not so nice conditions and B)how dangerous working in a meat packing plant is, along with the treatment of the workers by the company. He loved Joel Salatin though...he is a bit of a hero in our household. :-)
Today we had to go grocery shopping and as a part of this move to change our food habits, the kids get to help me make the weekly menu. Then they get to help me shop for the food (which makes shopping take FOREVER!) and then we will all cook together. I know in the long run this will be good, but it does test my patience a bit.
Anyway, Add and Eli were reading every label of every food. Eli loves monterey jack cheese and was beyond happy when he found a block of it that was also from grassfed cows on a farm in Ohio. The boys talked about how they wanted to support farmers closer to us that take care of their animals and we need to be extra choosey about our food. Gwen mostly asked passing peole where the olives were.

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mimi said...

Where do you find pomegranate kefir??

We watched was shocking. Especially what is happening to farms in America.