Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My 9yo son needed a pair of boots. So, yesterday we hit the stores to hopefully find a pair for him. I quickly realized that none of the kids sized booths would fit him, so I measured his feet.

My 9yo is wearing a MENS size 8. Yes, MENS.

I was in absolute shock, I mean just yesterday wasn't this kid the 3 yo who drove me crazy? At his well child exam a month or so ago he measured at 5' and 105 lbs....the dr looked at the height weight chart and said "OOOOOK...he isn't anywhere ON here! But his height and weight are proportional" Im 5'9" and he comes up a bit past my shoulder.

When we got home I had him hold his foot up to mine, and sure enough his toes hit the base of my toes, and I wear a size 10. Really I shouldn't be surprised, Im tall, my husband is tall, and my younger brother is 6'10".

In other exciting news from yesterday, I discovered that roadkill pieces CAN indeed get thrown up from the highway, hit your windshield and get stuck on the wiper. I was stuck between finding it hysterical and feeling sick. The kids pushed me towards the latter as they described it in great detail, all the different parts of it, and what animal it must have been from. It seems to have gotten perma welded onto the wiper, so today Im going to try a high pressure car wash and hope that gets it off.

Also, yesterday I received one of the best gifts ever from my brother and his wife. They put together a calender full of family photos, many of which are new to me..even though they are old. It really made my day, and the kids loved seeing it as well.

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