Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was....interesting.

Our family celebration happened on Christmas Eve morning. We had a wonderful time watching the kids opening gifts, and as an added bonus the sunrise was breathtaking.
(photo taken out of my kitchen window)
After presents and breakfast I had to take the dogs to the kennel. Right when we walked into the kennel lobby (it was really a Pet Hotel) Blue, my 9 yo yellow Lab peed all over the floor.

My sister called and told me mom was being sent to the ER because at her appointment that morning for her weekly blood draws she started having a hard time breathing. We left and headed up to Cleveland, my husband dropped me off at the hospital, and took the kids to my sister's house to celebrate Christmas.

When I got to the ER both of my sisters and my brother were there already, mom was on a CPAP machine. The Dr. said she has acute congestive heart failure...and she would be moved to the ICU. We all went with mom to the ICU and stayed with her for a bit till she was ok. She was very sad but wanted us to go and celebrate. Leaving her while she was telling us to go but with tears in her eyes was heartwrenchingly difficult. The Dr had said if she wasnt improving they would have to intubate her, and she was really scared about that.

My sister and I got to our other sister's house around 9:30, all the kids were happy, and all the husbands (besides mine) were a bit tipsy.

My mom didnt need to be intubated and began doing well enough that she was released from ICU on Christmas and sent to the bone marrow transplant unit. This morning at 2am I got a text from my sister that she was just leaving the hospital and mom had had 2 seizures, which has never happened before. My other sister called me today to tell me that as well. She is undergoing many tests to find the cause, but Im not feeling too optimistic. Her legs are very swollen, her WBC is in the 80's..they jumped 20k since yesterday, she is confused, and very tired.

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Ron said...

i can't imagine how difficult that is...i'm very sorry