Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I left early this morning with the intention of getting to Cleveland early so I would have more time to spend with my mom, and so I could leave early and not drive home for over 2 hours, alone, and in the dark.

Rest stops are CREEPY at night.
I know this because I usually have to get coffee to make it home awake.

About 20 miles north, it began to snow. At first I was confused. See...during the summer, I forgot that snow exists, and all of a sudden fluffy rain drops started hitting my window. Eventually I was snow.

Its too early for snow.

As I drove on the freeway started to get slushy...visibility downright sucked, and the semi's which usually go 70+ were only going 55. I hopped off at the freeway exit that has a billboard for a store that sells farm animal feed, deli trays, and party supplies. I wanted to see if it really WAS snowing as badly as I thought.

It was.

A hearse drove by as I sat there...and I decided I was going to wimp out and not keep going north where it would be worse.

So I turned around and went home.

That was my exciting day...when I got home I cleaned my kitchen..even got into the corners, then kids carved their pumpkins..a bit late, I baked 2 pumpkin pies and made pumpkin seeds. I was a right regular domestic.

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mimi said...

Snow! I've hit some serious snow storms on the drive from NY to Columbus, but this IS too early.

You were a pumpkin cooking dynamo!