Sunday, November 8, 2009

She amuses me.

This dog makes me laugh. I caught her on top of the "linen dresser" we have in our upstairs hall. I put the cat food up there to keep the dog out of it. She was so curious about the cat that she jumped up on top of the dresser. I wish I had had my real camera on hand and not just my cell phone...the cat's face was priceless. I never thought that it would cross a dog's mind to jump up there.


Rachel said...

Someday you might be in a phase where such behavior is not so amusing...but enjoy it for now! ;)

Alana said...

LOL! No doubt!! But seriously, if her only behaviour problem is high curiosity and's all good! I usually get dogs with a myriad of issues and have to fix them. This one doesn't seem to need any fixing. However...she will be taught agility skills asap!

Anonymous said...

That is funny. Thanks for stopping by my post at HOTM.