Monday, October 26, 2009

Schedule Change

In an effort to boost productivity around here I am embarking on a completely new schedule. The plan is for me to wake up at 5am (yes, 5 am) write for an hour, then exercise, shower, get dressed, do breakfast, morning chores, start school, stop at noon for lunch and recess, finish school, do errands, afternoon chores, free time, dinner, showers, more exercise for me while the kids do that, then bed...and I get a couple hours free, and go to bed myself at 10.

Got that?

This is a drastic change for me as normally I stay up till 1am, and then wake up grumbly around 8...Im not a morning person...but Im sure I can be if I actually got to bed earlier.

Today is day one...I got out of bed at 5:10...came downstairs, and noticed I had set my coffee maker to PM...again. Turned it on and stood and stared till there was enough for one cup.

We have an office space off of our bedroom that right now is sort of a storage room...our intent is to make that my "writing cave" It isnt done yet, so I figured I would sit at the kitchen table and write...but while waiting for my coffee I realized that it is REALLY dark out and I dont like being by uncovered windows in the dark...and our kitchen has an entire wall of windows, and then a sliding glass that is a lot of uncovered windows that zombies can watch me through. ;-)

I opted for the couch, drank some coffee, thought about how insanely tired I am, and that I feel kinda sick. I tried to write..but it didnt work. However, I did manage to discover the Word Processor program on my computer and that I can print out greeting cards and menus with templates that are already there.

Hopefully I can get through today without too much fatigue. All of our new curricula is in...and we are all looking forward to getting started with it. In the afternoon we have a library run to make and grocery shopping.
I also need to make time to start clearing out the I can get it painted this week. Im going to go with a deep plum for the walls..and make the room extra cozy and cave-like..hence the term writing cave.


Hermana Linda said...

I hope it works out. Getting to bed early seems to be very hard for me. I'm supposed to be going to bed early... I guess if I want to do that, I'd better get off my... computer and start cleaning the kitchen. <3

Amy said...

Hi Alana,

I haven't been reading my bloglist lately, but I'm glad I saw yours today. I always do so much better in the summer when I get up early and get my running in. It just makes the whole day go so much better. Personally I think you should get up, exercise FIRST, then drink your coffee and do your writing. The exercise will clear your head and get your blood pumping. Plus, you can use the exercise time to meditate on what you want to write about. I always use my coffee as my reward for running. Sometimes that is all I can think about, but it gets me through my run. Good luck- you will love getting up early and getting to bed early. It takes some getting used to, but after a couple weeks it will be a habit.