Monday, October 12, 2009

It was a Date!

Saturday night my mother in law offered to have the kids spend the night at her house. Naturally we accepted.

We made plans...dinner at a great fusion restaurant we love..and miss going to, finding places to go that we can't go with kids in tow, and then when done with that going to a diner and writing.

Dinner happened, and was great. We originally considered staying in a cheap motel...but then we realized that it wasnt all non smoking..and smoke makes me really sick...and then there was the whole thought of quality control and clean sheets and we opted for a nice hotel. After getting checked in and situated we tossed around some ideas...head out and check out some clubs or bars...but it was only 8:00. Movie? Only thing that seemed remotely interesting was Zombieland...but zombies make me ill...and Mr. C does not like Woody Harrelson or the other guy actor. We thought again about the bars....Mr. C doesn't drink...and neither of us was really in a mood to sit and stare at people being obnoxious.

Soooo....we looked at the time again....8:20.

A shy borne of 13 years of marriage...3 children..being happy and settled in life....and having a crazy schedule.....

How about we go to sleep early and get a good nights sleep and wake up early??

and we did. HUSBAND did. I tried, and instead slept not at all really....woke up to every sound in the hallway, felt like the blankets didnt breathe well enough, and the room had no air flow and was suffocating, the bed was too big, and my husband too far away, and my dreams when I did sleep were too weird.

We did have a nice happy breakfast the next morning though, then picked up the people, went to the Cleveland Art Museum and revisted old favorite pieces that are back on display. THe museum underwent an extensive renovation and has basically been closed for the past few years...WELL worth the wait though.

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mimi said...

I have a hard time sleeping in a hotel. Having a happy breakfast sounds wonderful :)

Thanks for your helpful email(homeschool related)! I just found it and enjoyed reading it!