Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best $2.24 I ever spent....

Last week we went to Target, and they had notebooks on clearance for .12 I bought all of them. The boys really wanted calculators so we found a couple for $1 each. When we got home the boys sat down with a notebook and calculator each and challenged each other to a math duel. They wrote down math problems, took turns calling them out, and whoever got the answer first got a point. That lasted for about an hour. When they tired of their game Eli went to "train" his Pokemon cards...and kept track of their improving hit points with his notebook and calculator...Add went to figure out real life "If I were to earn $50 a day and worked 7 days I would make $350 a week" I would toss in things like..take 10% off for savings and then another 20% for taxes...then how much do you have left?

I came across an article on about homeschooling....and naturally I had to read the scathing comments. It amused me for awhile to read the sheer viciousness some people evidently hold toward homeschooling. One thing that kept coming up in comment after comment was "HOW will homeschooled children EVER learn to deal with DIFFICULT people??" Uh.....I thought that generally speaking, the most difficult people are usually in ones own family...see...problem solved. :-P

I need to blog on a regular basis...I havent been on the computer during the day, and at night Ive been binging on books.

My mom is out of the hospital....but the latest news is that it looks like the transplant has most likely failed....Im not sure what the other options really are...or if there are any. The Dr. mentioned the possibility of her taking an older chemo drug...but she has to get stronger first.


About the Blog: said...

Unplanned learning. I was just speaking with RW about that this morning! It's the best stuff.

Re: Salon. Eh, who cares what people think anyway. Everyone is different.

Your mom will probably get stronger away from the hospital. Who can rest at a hospital?

mimi said...

I'm sorry about your mom. I pray, as the above comment said, that she will get stronger at home!

I think it's funny that people will say that kids need to learn how to deal with mean people or difficult things. Really, why? Why do they need to experience it so young. Y'know what I mean?! There are plenty of opportunities to experience difficulties as an adult...if we give them a solid foundation then they can deal with them. Ugh, I get ticked off at people who dis homeschooling without understanding it.

Your kids are so cool. I love how their minds work :)

mimi said... more thing :)

I think it's awesome that you stay off the computer during the day. I'm not so disciplined ;)