Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have not been posting much. I could chalk it up to lack of time...being too busy...etc.

The truth?

Ive been finding my life to be rather....uninspiring...and have had nothing to write about..

There is plenty going on...my mom was in ICU last week..when I got there her BP was 46/19 and she was essentially on life support. She stabilized, and is back on the bone marrow transplant floor with ICU psychosis and MRSA. Really though...do I WANT to write about all of that in horrible detail? Getting to the ICU last week and seeing my mom there coughing up blood, in critical condition, with pneumonia and sepsis...had to have been the scariest day of my life thus far. Maybe I just CAN'T write about it...just like I still havent cried about it..not yet anyway.

In other odds and ends..we went to the zoo..I managed to snag some pictures Im happy with...my hair is blue, and Im still working on getting our school year organized.


Ron said...

wow...that bat picture made my day..i love that ....
understand about the motivation thing...just write when you want

Erin said...

I went through a month or two of almost having to force myself to write and then suddenly it's all just flowing out of me again, so I completely understand what your saying. You've emotionally been through so much recently, just give yourself time and the words will eventually come back again.

We are planning to go to the zoo soon, have been waiting for the weather to cool down. Bats creep me out.. we had some in our attic in G'ville. They would fly out of the window every night and I could hear them above the bathroom.. Ew!

Hermana Linda said...

I've been wondering how you were as I've continued to pray for your mom nightly. I appreciate the update. I'll continue to pray. <3

mimi said...

I don't have the right words, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about the struggle your mom is facing.