Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have a tendency to worry over where my oldest is academically...I never worry about my 2nd or 3rd kids...just the firstborn.

It started with reading...he was 7 and not reading, I was freaking out to my friends about it..not to him. I stopped trying to teach him, and the kid taught himself..and took off with reading.

Lately I have been concerned about his writing ability. My 7yo will write stories, and even make books...but my 9yo has shown no interest. Then yesterday, that all changed. He picked up a notebook and a pencil, declared he was going to make a journal..and proceeded to write.

Today he sat at the table and copied paragraphs out of a book...to help him write better. His handwriting has improved dramatically as well. After he copied out of a book, he wrote his own little story about a detective.

Another lesson for me in trusting him to forge his own path and make his own way in his journey.


Ron said...

thanks for that..i needed to hear it

mimi said...

I needed to hear that too! I've been so worried about my boys and their lack of writing. They hate when I ask them to do copywork/handwriting. Thanks ;) Makes me feel better and reminds me to step back and trust.

Alana said...

you are both quite welcome. ;-)

MidnightCafe said...

This was so encouraging for me, as well. Thanks!

tammy said...

I just pulled out some writing I saved of Jackson's from almost exactly a year ago. Last year was the first year we followed more unschooling, just letting him learn as he goes, and it's AMAZING the difference his spelling, grammar and handwriting have made in just one year, with little to no help from me. I really do agree that for the most part, just let younger kids go, and then they will grow. :)