Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night I was sitting on my couch reading. My couch faces a wall of windows that looks out on the southern side of my house, which faces my apple orchard, and some fields. I noticed some movement, looked up, and standing underneath an apple tree was a deer. She was looking at me, I was looking at her. My camera was sitting on the table next to me so I picked it up, and took a photo through the window, at dusk, without a flash, and wound up with this blurry (not-so) masterpiece. ( I think it is the worst picture I have ever taken...but she was so close...)

Tonight I came home after being in Cleveland all day, and noticed a few deer in the back field. I slipped into the house, grabbed my camera, and crept up on the deer. The wind was blowing towards me, and I used trees to hide behind when they looked up. I got this shot of the buck. When I was close up, and noticed the deer was a buck, I did get a wee bit nervous...they are kind of big. His antlers are all covered in velvet, and he was gorgeous. There was another one with him...whose antler looked like it had been broken. I couldnt get a shot of him. But I did discover that deer make funny noises when they are surprised.

Last week I got this shot of a young woodpecker hopping around the apple tree...there were actually 2 of them, and they were eating bugs.

I joke to Mr. C that I have nature-scaped our property. Along the perimeter I have lets the grasses grow, and the weeds. Last year I noticed that the goldfinches, and house finches liked to eat the seeds off of some of the weeds that I let them grow...and our yard has become bird paradise. We also have rabbits in the yard, but they have been leaving the garden and flowers alone...I think because they have so much other good stuff to eat with better ground cover. Same with the least that is my idea on it...they can always prove me wrong. ;-)

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mimi said...

The other day I may or may not have chased a wild turkey trying to get a close up picture.

Also, I there was a really close flying helicopter...every time I heard it I would run for my camera...missed it each time!

Country living is fun!