Thursday, April 9, 2009


Time has been a reoccurring thought for me lately. Mainly the proper use of the time I am given, to not waste it and to be productive with it. Our homeschooling days can be very long and empty...because all lessons take 2 hours maximum...housework takes an hour..and then there is just space and time. Often, if there is too much space, I get too introspective and too much inside my own head and then I get remarkably unproductive.

TC and I have been doing goal setting and re prioritizing everything. I told him I was slightly jealous of his days....he has to cram SO much into his week. Naturally with his goals in place and schedule in hand he has had a very successful week with his business.

Obviously since I am at home with young children my days will be slower with many interruptions and often some setbacks. I want my children to have plenty of time to play and grow and be kids. It is just me who needs to fill things up.

I would call yesterday a successful day for me.
I got all our tax information together...TC called the tax guy.
I fixed the innards of a leaky toilet...TC was amazed.
Mowed an acre of our yard...Ive decided to do it in 3 different sections, 3 days a week...otherwise it would take all day.
Fixed our mailbox that some kids whacked off with a bat or something.
And I rescued a woodpecker from my dogs. While I was mowing I had the dogs in the dog yard. I saw something fall like a rock out of a tree...into the dog yard. Finally realizing it was a bird and my dogs were VERY interested...haha..actually Bella was pointing at it..She is a Weimeraner and a bird dog by other dog is a Lab..which is used for hunting birds as well. I got in there pushed off the dogs, and saw that it was a nice sized Woodpecker, with a nasty gash on it's wing, and a broken wing. Im guessing it was inflicted by Jack the Cat. I scooped it yelled at me, and bit me several times. The kids ran over and were very excited to see it. TC came out of the house looked over, heard the bird yelling at me, and said "HOW on EARTH did you manage to get THAT?" And then he took some pictures.
If you look to the upper left you can see Bella looking rather curious.


mimi said...

That first paragraph that you wrote...I totally get it. Time and space, thinking too much etc.I tend to over-analyze things. One thing I know, seasons change quickly.

Marsha said...

hmmm, something I've been mulling over as well. I go back and forth between being bored and then biting off too much and being overwhlemed and so much of that just has to do with mindset and hormones anyway LOL.

I would LOVE to do the Classical Education with you. I , too, would do better if it was a shared venture.

Neither housework nor my children are compelling enough these days. And yet, it is n't the right time to get a job, even part-time.

I just get lazy. And then nothing gets accomplished. Sloth, I know.

Erin said...

I go in and out of seasons of anxiety and boredom and then other days I feel overwhelmed and can barely keep up. I don't know anything about Classical Education yet, but it is something a friend just recently suggested I look into using, in combination with Charlotte Mason.. so I would love to study along with you!

The boys really want to come over again to play, and we would love to have you all come visit us as well. It's difficult to make plans during the week now still with A in school, but only two more months until freedom! He has been counting the days. :)

I can't believe you picked up a woodpecker, I would have been afraid he would have pecked my eyes out. You are incredibly brave and heroic!

Amy said...

You're already mowing!?
I like to wait until the grass is so high that it chokes the mower-I detest mowing so much, almost as much as the laundry.
The woodpecker is so beautiful up close! Did he make it?

Alana said...

I wonder if men over overthink and get overwhelmed and paralyzed? I have never noticed that in them before.

New mantra...dont think..just do..and only allow a brief planning session...

In all honesty I WAS afraid of the woodpecker, I kept thinking, PLEASE dont fly up and peck out my eyeballs. I was concerned it was faking an injury to protect it's nest, even though I have never heard of a woodpecker doing that. HAd it been faking Im SURE it would have done I had to bend down to get it. They bite hard too. I dont know if it made it, I stuck it in a tree, but then it hopped off into our field. I would rather a coyote or something
get it than my dogs though..least it has a chance hiding in the tall grass and in the tree in my field.

the library should have Well Educated Mind...take a look through it and let me know if you want to go through it. My only request is that we skip Don Quixote..I just CANNOT manage to get through it and have found it works well as a door stop.

MidnightCafe said...

Thanks so much for this post. I tend to feel this way a lot more as winter is ending (the time conundrum). I think spring is my goal-setting season, and these are some great ideas. ...I think I'll even look into The Well Educated Mind.

Karen said...

Not sure how it is for you, but aside from losing my mother, raising young children was really the hardest time in my life, I have to admit. It was full of ups and downs, ofcourse; but I mostly felt very isolated and probably more than a little stuck.

Something has opened up for me in recent months and I sense that the something for which I always craved and yearned, but didn't know what it was, is my individuality and personal freedom. It's been an incredible boon.

Love the topknot on that birdy :)

Happy Holidays!