Saturday, April 18, 2009


Figures my last post was about having TOO much time. :-)
Life has been very busy the past couple of weeks. I got us onto a sort of schedule...actually since schedules don't work well for me, Im making a list every morning of everything I need to do. After the list is made, I prioritize..A for what I HAVE to do, B less important than A but still important, and C what the kids can do or help me with, and D for nice to get to but not necessary. Ive been making my A's be homeschooling and exercising. We have been chugging through Saxon with two lessons a day...and I have to say I love Saxon. I love that it is all scripted for me...and I dont have to put much thought into it. I didn't think of ordering my lists the way I have, I got it from a Brian Tracy book called Eat That Frog.

This week has been Holy Week, and tonight is the Paschal service. We have been in Church lots this week...and tonight we will leave around 10pm and not be home till around 3am. Im drinking coffee and Mr C and the kids are all sleeping. This is my most favorite part of the year...Holy Week is like a marathon...and so intensely moving, tonight....tonight is just beautiful, and exhausting and lovely. I realized this week that when Im in Church among the Icons, the incense, the bells, the chanting, the connection to something ancient...I cannot doubt...every part of my body, every sense is immersed in this beauy of Orthodoxy. husband is now Mr. that is what I call him a lot, and he likes it. It sounds like a spy name to me.

I was listening to a book on cd about the Founding Father's last week. Add heard Lafayette mentioned..and said "I know about that guy, he is French..and he wanted to join Washington's army, but the French king wanted to stay neutral so he said that Lafayette couldnt go to America. But Lafayette was SO determined to go and help the American's fight for their freedom that he sold EVERYTHING he had, dressed up like a woman and bought a ticket to America"
He then continued with a million other facts about the Revolution. That period in history has really caught his attention. He also watched all 40 episodes of a TV show called Liberty's kids. A book series he has really been enjoying is the You Wouldn't Want To books. He has read several but today I read the 3 he had gotten from the library...there was You wouldn't Want to Sail with Christopher Columbus, You wouldnt want to be a Suffragist, You wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator. They are really interesting with lots of odd facts.

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•¦Amy¦• said...

I noticed your blog when I saw the words "Orthodox Christianity". I'm also Orthodox and think it's very neat to find someone in the blogging world who I share that with.