Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh..Happy day!!

I moved to Columbus nearly 2 years ago, and have had a VERY hard time finding a stylist that I love. I had a couple mediocre haircuts, and one horrifically awful one.
The awful one was done by a man....a man with an ego about his splendiforous haircutting skills the size of...I dont know..was going to compare it with a continent...but sounded weird. He had a big ego. He was also very weird....and halfway though the cut I realized he was DRUNK. He was a large, drunk, German man who said very inappropriate things. Being overly curious I sat there and let him finish...he was such a trainwreck and it was so bizarre, I just couldnt leave midway. I wound up with a haircut that was best described as a combo of a cast member from that old show Designing Women...and Ziggy Stardust. I did what any self respecting woman would do...I cried. I cried for 3 days, and almost got extensions.

After that I have been scared to get my hair I let it grow, realize it looks bad, and ask a random woman whose hair I like where she gets it done. I got one cut that was ok that way...and then the other time I went to the poshest salon around here, and was not impressed.

I decided I was going to go to a salon that advertised itself as being a snob free zone...and sounded promising...and is in the fun part of town known as the Short North.
I got there, and met my stylist who had tattoos and facial piercings, and who liked my purple/pink hair color a lot. She also thought that I am in my mid 20's.. (she got a few extra bonus points)
Anyway...she gave me such a fabulous cut...I dont think I will ever leave her for another stylist. :-)
A couple of photos...


Erin said...

Wow, you look hot!! I want your cut and color. Ha, it's so funny that you went to the "snob free" place, because I almost went there myself for the same reason, but then ended up going to an Aveda salon in Upper Arlington instead, just because it was closer. The girl who cut mine was also pierced and much younger than me and she did a good job, only I was drugged up on sinus medicine and hadn't slept the night before, so the next day I realized she hadn't cut it as short as I had wanted and now I feel like I need to have it cut again already. Maybe you can help me put some purple or magenta in my hair some time.. I've been wanting chunky pieces that just sorta peek out from underneath.

Sorry, I'm getting carried away.. Hair obviously excites me. :)

Karen said...


A woman needs: a good mate, a good midwife and a good hairstylist. We can then take on the world :)

Karen said...

PS. hoping your momma's feeling good.

Ron said...

a man, respectfully navigating the terrain that separates telling a married woman that, like Erin says, she looks hot, without toning it down so much that it falls into the category of generic compliment.... is not always easy ;)

with all due respect...... that is a great haircut and you look terrific...

whew, i think that was o.k. :)

mimi said...

You look amazing!! Love the cut and the color.

I had the same problem when I lived in Columbus. We lived there for almost 2 yrs and I never found a stylist I liked.
Now, in our new town....the search is on again. This month-I cut my own hair while my husband held a mirror. He even cut some!

After seeing your's time to start my search again:)

Anonymous said...

Yep you're one cool chick!

Amy said...

That is a great haircut Alana! The color is so vibrant right now~ it's like a little bit of springtime right on top of your head :)

Alana said...

Erin..if you wont hit me if I screw up your hair..ok :-) are so right!
Ron...A/H said "Whew, you were ok" LOL! are brave!
Nikowa..thank you
Amy...After this winter I need as much spring as possible!!

Summer said...

It's totally hot.

Kat said...

Beautiful my friend! It looks amazing!