Saturday, March 7, 2009

A near perfect day

Today I had one of those days you just don't want to end. The weather was the 70s and windy. Hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago it was 8 degrees. I was outside quite a bit, of course. :-)
Our lilac trees are beginning to bud, and the dandelions are pushing up. I cannot wait for the flowers! A/H has always laughed at me and my enthusiasm for spring. The moment I notice the trees budding I point them out non-stop, and I get giddy. Yesterday at the library I noticed some green poking out of the ground, stopped, and said "LOOK!!! something is GROWING!" A/H moved me along.
I had the windows open all day and aired out the house. I dont know if there is an equal to the first day you can do that after a long long winter in a shut up house. I got caught up on some cleaning and chores around the house, and realized that nice weather makes me want to have a super clean, organized house.
Gwen and I made guacamole, and it was seriously the best I ever had! I found this cookbook called Vegan Fusion, and the recipes are just amazing!
For dinner I made wraps with the guacamole, rice, pinto beans, and tons of veggies....for once the kids didnt act like I was poisoning them! Poor things had to suffer through a paella, and then a rice polenta casserole...the polenta was cooked with coconut milk, and had sundried tomatoes and basil and herbs in it, and both things were great...and even though they liked it when they actually tasted it, they still acted like they were being poisoned. Silly people.
Since it was so nice out today, the kids played outdoors most of the day.
this evening, I was loving the light so I got some photos.For some reason Add likes to ride his sisters bike, he thinks it goes faster than his own.

Just because she is so darn pretty!
Gwen was sitting in an apple tree today staring up at the moon...she said "I think if you had a ladder tall enough it might be possible to climb up to the moon."


mimi said...

I have to remember to not be hungry while reading your blog. The food you mentioned sounds wonderful!!

I know just what you are talking about...with the nice weather,cleaning and getting organized. I kept opening the windows and my boys kept shutting them. I am finding, even the mud makes me happy!

BTW-I've been thinking of your mom(I have a friend with Leukemia that cannot find a donor) It's all been on my mind a lot. Praying for you guys!

Ron said...

glad to see "your season" seems to have arrived..thanks for the cookbook link, im always looking for healthy and tasty things to make my daughter...
congrats on a great day!

Alana said...

Mimi...I thought I was doomed to a life of sloth. Then the sun came, and some warmth and I popped back to life! Last night instead of sleeping I was thinking about cleaning the attic, and even my very scary basement, that I wont go into.LOL! Thanks for the prayers too!

Ron...that cookbook is AMAZING! I have not made one bad recipe yet..and it is satisfying my crazy weird cravings for coconut. They have a restaurant on Kaui. My season has indeed arrived, but there will probably be one last snowstorm...March in Ohio likes to do that. :-P

MidnightCafe said...

Oh, I CANNOT wait for the weather to warm up here in MN!! Your post made me want to cry it sounds so absolutely wonderful. ...and I made guacamole yesterday, too! Yum.