Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter fun!

Last night I was woken to the sound of coyotes. To be precise, what sounded like several coyotes howling under my window. I looked outside, and with the moon and snow it was rather bright out, but I couldn't see any. This afternoon I decided we all needed a fun diversion and we went out to find tracks. We found several rabbit tracks and found that a rabbit lives under the old chicken coop structure. There were several deer trails and our pond is frozen over. We did find a few coyote prints, and a place where someone "marked" the trail, which the kids found to be the most exciting part.
Magical Morning
Throwing snow
Walking in woods
HAHA! I don't even know! Running home!

Afterwards they wanted to play outside, and of course I let them. I sat in the kitchen by our sliding doors with my camera that had the telephoto lens attached to get my favorite sort of shots of the kids, photos of them playing, without knowing Im taking photos..

Snow Angels
Gathering snow
LaughingAlways fun to drop snow on an unsuspecting brother

Consider the snowball......
Then throw it!
She sparkles!


Erin said...

Wow, you have captured some amazingly gorgeous moments. I especially love the snow angel photo and the beautiful close-up shot of your daughter. Lovely. :)

Amy said...

Your photographs are stunning, as always!

mimi said...

Thanks so much for sharing places to find recipes...and where to find Chocolate Stout. We don't have Whole Foods-but I'll be searching locally.
Your pictures are great!! I think you should enter in the photo contest. I seriously think you have a couple winners in that bunch!!
Oh, and when you figure out how to get more structured in homeschooling-please share, I struggle with that daily!! I'm a closet unschooler-structure wannabe-LOL