Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To the Zoo

Went to the zoo to meet up with some moms from a mom group Im in. Spent 5 hours there.

Gwen made a new friend...named Gwen.

Addison corrected an adult about the bats we were looking at "Excuse me, but those aren't baby fruit bats, those are a different sort, they are Golden Mantled"

I wanted to hide.

Eli wanted to find howler monkeys so he could "talk" to them...he has quite the impersonation of a howler monkey down. You know, they can be heard for 3 miles...I think Eli can be as well.

I was happy to see that the boys were able to read the signs by themselves...for some reason the fact that they read helps alleviate so much anxiety for me.

Saw a monitor lizard eating dead rats, took photos and texted them to my husband. Add was completely grossed out, and Eli sat down and watched the whole thing. Gwen just ran in circles.

I saw a weird looking bug on the other Gwen, and flicked it off, but managed to flick it onto an older woman.

I wanted to hide again.

Then we left and came home. While driving I was listening to the sonic youth cd's my husband picked up for me yesterday. I have had several of their songs stuck in my head for awhile, all from different albums..so he got 4 of them for me. Whenever I hear them it reminds me of my dad. I would listen to their tape in the car when he drove me to ride my horse. Everytime he would say the same thing:

"Damnit Alana, this is NOT music, it is NOISE. Sheer NOISE! Can't you listen to something with some resemblance to music??" I would tell him that the whole point WAS the noise.

He never believed me and did his best to make sure my music collection had a large dose of classical, opera and jazz. :-)

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